Monday, April 03, 2006


this is a little project Im doing just for me. Its a short story/comicbook and this is a page in the middle of the story. The girl is baked by a baker:), thats the story.


Boris Hiestand said...

haha- is she saying: F**ck that's looking delicious!!
It sure does- what doe she taste like in the nether regions?

Bodil Bang Heinemeier said...

she is sweet as sugar all over;)

Paul Mckeown said...

Now that's one croissant I'd have with my coffee.
beautiful, Like pinnocio only with pastry.
Gives a whole new meaning to I can't say it.

Unknown said...

beautiful!! Love the pastel color scheme!

Hans said...

Det for laekkert Bodil:)
fedt haar design og i det hele taget meget tiltagende stil og farvelaegning.


Mark said...

My baguette.....your stone oven....'s a compliment! ;)